• Exfoliate a few days before your appointment (exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells that can lead to clogged hair follicles and ingrowns)

  • Grow hair to around a quarter inch long and do not shave or trim (this will make for a more effective hair removal process)

  • Do not exfoliate, swim or sunbathe for 48 hours afterwards

  • Avoid tight clothing

  • Children are not allowed during services unless they are having a service themselves

  • Groupon/Living Social appts are valid for online booking.  If you book your Groupon appointment online please be sure to to make an appointment note stating that this is a Groupon appointment. 

  • Gift Cards now available to purchase under the book online tab

  • 48 hours after your appointment start a gentle exfoliation in between treatments to minimize dead surface skin buildup and reduce ingrowns.